Tuesday, April 24, 2018


WIKA Tower 2 Serbaguna Room, 17th floor
D.I Panjaitan street Kav. 9-10
Jakarta 13340


14:00 (GMT+7)


  1. Approval of the Annual Report 2017 of the Company, including the Company's Activity Report, the Board of Commissioners Oversight Report, and the Ratification of the Company's Financial Report for the Financial Year 2017.
  2. Approval and Ratification of the Company's Partnership and Community Development Program Report for the Financial Year 2017.
  3. Determination on the Use of Net Profit of the Fiscal Year 2017.
  4. Election of a Public Accountant Firm to audit the Company's Financial Statements in the Fiscal Year 2018, and the Financial Report of the Implementation of the Company's Partnership and Community Development Program in the fiscal year 2018.
  5. Determination of Tantiem 2017, Salary and Honorarium and other Allowances for Board Members in 2018.
  6. Ratification of the utilisation report of the Government Participation Funds for the Financial Year 2017 and the proceeds usage from the Public Offering through Capital Increase with Pre-emptive Rights I.
  7. Approval of changes to the use of Capital increase with Pre-emptive Rights I.
  8. Approval of the enactment of the Minister of SOE Regulation (PermenBUMN): No: PER-03 / MBU / 08/2017 regarding Guidelines for State-Owned Enterprise Cooperation and its Amendments.
  9. Amendment to the Company's Articles of Association.
  10. Approval of Changes in the Company Management.
WIKA - PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk

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