Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Auditorium 12th floor, Graha Anabatic
Scientia Boulevard lot. U2, Summarecon Gading Serpong, Curug Sangereng
Kelapa Dua, Tangerang District Banten.


10:00 (GMT+7)



  1. GMS Approval of the Annual Report and Ratification of the Audited Consolidated Annual Financial Statements of the financial year 2019, and the Board of Commissioners Oversight Report during the financial year 2019.
  2. Determination on the use of the Company net profit of the financial year 2019.
  3. Election of a Public Accountant Firm to audit the Company Financial Report of the financial year 2020.
  4. Determination of Remuneration for Board of Commissioners and Directors.
  5. Appointment and change of the Board members composition


  1. Approval to transfer and/or make debt guarantee on assets owned by the Company and/or provide collateral in the form of corporate guarantees valued more than 50% of the total net assets of the company to obtain loan facilities to be received by the Company and/or a subsidiary of the Company from a bank or other financial institutions.


Source #1
ATIC - PT. Anabatic Technologies Tbk

Rp 374

-14 (-3,74%)