ZBRA is optimistic in BBG sales business

29 November 2019 13:50

JAKARTA - PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) will focus on developing the business of selling Gas Fuel (BBG) while the taxi transportation business is stopped. As a consequence of stopping taxi operations, they will support other forms of transportation using electric vehicles in the future.

Quoted from the disclosure of company information, Wijiningsih, Corporate Secretary of PT Zebra Nusantara Tbk (ZBRA) said the company's business focus is on developing BBG business activities because it has positive prospects for the future. "The company will propose an increase in gas quota and rejuvenate BBG equipment," he said.

According to him, ZBRA gas sales quota is 299,000 m3-349,000 m3 per month. It cannot sell gas in excess of the quota given because it will be subject to a surcharge that is subject to 2x of the basic price. However, if sales are less than the quota will be subject to take or pay (TOP).

ZBRA's management considers that the BBG sales business is very promising along with government policies related to the availability of raw materials and domestic gas supply. In addition, the gas price policy provides certainty in the market. (LK)

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