OCBC NISP disbursed loans of Rp 114.43 trillion in 2019

03 February 2020 13:17

JAKARTA - PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk (NISP) distributed loans worth Rp 114.43 trillion during 2019, up around Rp 1 trillion compared to the same period last year, lending amounting to Rp 113.49 billion. While the level of non-performing loans (non-performance loans) of Rp 1.67 trillion, up compared to the 2018 period, the level of bad loans amounted to Rp 1.25 trillion.

As quoted from the Financial Statements as of December 31, 2019, published by the IDX, (31/1), loans disbursed in rupiah (IDR) as much as IDR 95.30 trillion, up approximately Rp 1 trillion compared to the same period last year, amounting to Rp 92.17 trillion, while loans distributed in foreign currencies were Rp 23.74 trillion, down from Rp 25.66 trillion. Where the allowance for impairment losses of Rp 4.60 trillion in 2019 and Rp 4.34 trillion in the 2018 period.

The economic sectors that received the most OCBC NISP credit in 2019 were industry at Rp 34.27 trillion, trade at Rp 30.11 trillion, services at Rp 21.97 trillion, agriculture and mining at Rp 13.97 trillion, construction at Rp 3.82 trillion, and others amounting to Rp 14.87 trillion. (LK)

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