Jokowi reiterates Indonesia's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas

07 July 2020 06:17

JAKARTA - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) reiterated Indonesia's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 26% this year and by 29% by 2030. For this reason, the government is preparing the legal standing and incentive policies for sectors that are working together to reduce carbon emissions.

This was stated by Jokowi at a Limited Meeting on Indonesia-Norway cooperation on reducing greenhouse gas held in Jakarta yesterday (6/7). According to Jokowi, all parties will be involved to achieve the GHG reduction target. 

"The regulation should be done, the funding instruments, including incentives for stakeholders, must also be seen and we must ensure that the carbon regulation truly has a significant impact on achieving the greenhouse gas reduction target of 26% in 2020 and 29% in 2030, "he said.

Indonesia, said Jokowi, is obliged by the ratified climate change conventions to reduce carbon emissions from the industrial and transportation sectors by 0.11%, waste by 0.32%, agriculture by 0.13%, energy by 11%, and forestry by 17.2%. (LK/AR)

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