Investree pockets crowdfunding service license in Thailand

04 March 2021 13:05

JAKARTA. Fintech lending company PT Investree Radhika Jaya (Investree) recently obtained a license from the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to conduct crowdfunding activities in Thailand.

Wirajirb Sirijinda, Co-Founder of Investree Thailand, said that the issuance of the license will support Investree in channeling funding for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand, which are not accessible to financing access. "This is the first step for Investree to provide innovative financing and service solutions for Thai SMEs," said Sirijinda to idnfinancials.com.

Meanwhile Adrian Gunadi, Co-Founder CEO of Regional Investree, said that his party will also continue to increase partnerships with various parties to increase financial inclusion. For information, currently Investree has partnered with a number of companies and financial service providers in Thailand such as Pantavanij, 2C2P, and FlowAccount.

Since its founding in 2015, Investree has managed to raise IDR 8.7 trillion in loan funds. Meanwhile, total loans that were successfully disbursed were IDR 5.9 trillion, with a return rate of 16.8% and an average TKB90 at the level of 98.56%. (KR/LM)

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