Triputra Agro Persada aims for IDR 173.24 billion in IPO

06 April 2021 12:05

JAKARTA – PT Triputra Agro Persada Tbk (TAPG), an oil palm plantation company, has issued 866.200.000 shares with a price of IDR 200 each in the initial public offering (IPO) held from yesterday to Tuesday (6/4). Once calculated, the collected funds would reach IDR 173.24 billion.

In the prospectus, quoted on Tuesday (6/4),15.72% of the funds from the IPO would be allocated to TAPG’s working capital, while the remaining 84.28% would be distributed to additional capital participation to PT Agro Multi Persada (AMP), its subsidiary. AMP would allocate those funds to build a factory, organised by PT Sukses Karya Mandiri (SKM), worth IDR 8 billion in Central Kalimantan.

The issued shares by TAPG represent 4.36% of the issued and paid-up capital after the IPO. The current authorised capital is IDR 5 trillion, while the issued and paid-up capital is IDR 1.89 trillion. The structure of the shares’ ownership is PT Persada Capital Indonesia (PCI) owning 24.30%, PT Triputra Investindo Arya (TIA) 23.54%, Salween Investment Pte Ltd. 21.69%, Gochean Holdings Incorporated 15.82%, and PT Daya Adicipta Mustika (TAM) 14.56%.

After the IPO, the issued and paid-up capital would reach IDR 1.98 trillion, consisting of 23.24% by PCI, 22.51% by TIA, 20.74% by Salween Investment Pte Ltd., 15.13% Gochean Holdings Inc., 14.02% by TAM, and the public would own 4.36% of the shares. (LK/ZH)

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