FISH grants FKS Trukindo Utama IDR 45 billion

01 July 2021 10:44

JAKARTA – PT FKS Multi Agro Tbk (FISH) gives out an IDR 45 billion loan to strengthen the capital of PT FKS Trukindo Utama (FKS TU). Sofia Ridmarini, the Corporate Secretary of FKS Multi Agro, announces the news through the information disclosure, quoted Thursday (1/7).

“The loan is granted to support the transportation business of FKS TU. The revenue of FKS TU would be consolidated into FISH’s financial report,” Ridmarini confirms.

According to Ridmarini, this loan facility would be active for five years, from June 24, 2021, until June 24, 2026. FKS TU is one of the business segments of FISH’s subsidiary, PT FKS Corporindo, who owns 99% of the total issued capital of IDR 15 billion. FKS TU’s total assets reach IDR 3.61 billion in December 2020.

By the end of 2020, FISH collected USD 19.47 million in profit, growing from USD 11.34 billion in December 2019. However, its revenue slips off to USD 989.75 million from USD 1.02 billion. (LK/ZH)

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