Trimegah Karya Pratama drives the revenue to grow 195% by year-end

23 August 2021 06:42

JAKARTA – PT Trimegah Karya Pratama Tbk (UVCR) had set an inflated revenue growth target of 195% by the end of this year from last year’s gain of IDR 338.74 billion. President Director of Trimegah Karya Pratama, Hadi Kuswanto, relays the news in the information disclosure, quoted Monday (23/8).

Kuswanto claims to attain this target by adding more discount vouchers sales channels in the mobile banking application of Simobil Plus, owned by Bank SInarmas. This step is actually included in the management’s strategy to develop its business.

As of March 2021, the company contrived to secure net sales of IDR 194.48 billion with a gross profit of IDR 4.63 billion and a net profit of IDR 543,48 million. These improved from the same period last year, whose sales were at IDR 92.30 billion, gross profit at IDR 2.11 billion, and a loss of IDR 2.79 billion.

UVCR is a well-known physical and digital voucher distributor. These vouchers could be acquired via applications in the play store. Additionally, UVCR also distributes the vouchers through e-commerce platforms. (LK/ZH)

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