HAIS’s shares got oversubscribed 39.78 times

01 September 2021 11:53

JAKARTA – The demand for PT Hasnur Internasional Shipping Tbk’s (HAIS) shares exceeded the available ones, sending it to an oversubscription of 39.78 times. It is equal to 2,565,044,200 shares of the centralised allotment during its initial public offering (IPO) last week.

Jayanti Sari, President Director of Hasnur Internasional Shipping, claims that the recorded demands are over three times higher than the demands reported in the book building period, which was also oversubscribed 11 times. “This news becomes a reward for the 55th anniversary of Husnur Group in August 2021, in which it gained such an enormous trust from the public,” Sari claims, quoted from the press release during its initial recording in the stock exchange today (1/9).

In the ceremony conducted virtually, HAIS is reported to record 2,626,250,000 shares in the exchange, 525,250,000 of which were offered in the IPO with an offering price of IDR 300 each. The targeted funds from this corporate action reach IDR 157.57 billion. The event is joined by Zainal Hadi HAS HB, the President Commissioner of HAIS, and other members of the Board of Commissioners of HAIS.

The allocation of the IPO proceeds includes channelling 46% to capital expenditure, 23% to equipment purchase to expand the business, and 31% to working capital to support operational activities. HAIS operates in the shipping and logistic services, managing 12 sets of tug and barges with a capacity ranging from 7,500 to 10,000 tonnes. In the past four years, the company had transported 24.48 tonnes of coals. (LK/ZH)

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