Raising its portion to 75%, FinAccel takes over Bank Bisnis

15 February 2022 07:37

JAKARTA. The managing company of Kredivo, PT FinAccel Teknologi Indonesia (FTI), increases its portion in PT Bank Bisnis Internasional Tbk (BBSI) to 75% following another acquisition of 1,157,537,841 shares, equal to 35%.

The information is laid out in the Shares Acquisition Plan Summary of PT Bank Bisnis Internasional Tbk by PT FinAccel Teknologi Indonesia (FTI), published on February 11, 2021. Furthermore, the plan stated that the shares in question would be bought from Sundjono Suriadi of 505.03 million shares, equivalent to 15.27%, from PT Sun Land Investama of 455.69 million shares or 13.78%, and PT Sun Antarnusa Investment of 196.82 million or 5.95%.

With this acquisition, the composition of Bank Bisnis’s shareholders now changes into FinAccel of 75%, Sundjono Suriadi of 4.91%, PT Sun Antarnusa Investment of 4.17%, and the public of 15.92%.

For Bank Bisnis, this acquisition also functions as a strategy to meet the minimum core capital requirement. It also allows Bank Bisnis to utilise financial strength, global network, and the digital bank technology development that entails the takeover. Meanwhile, for FinAccel, the acquisition is intended as a realisation of one of its investment plans. It aims to accommodate and create an opportunity to transform into a digital bank to fulfill the user target in Indonesia, from retail and MSME segments. (AM/ZH)

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