Being digital transformation enabler, MTDL performance grows rapidly

29 March 2022 11:44

JAKARTA - PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (“MTDL”), posted a good performance in 2021 by achieving revenue of IDR18.5 trillion or an increase of 32% YoY.

Susanto Djaja as the President Director of MTDL said, “Entering 2022, digitalization has become a necessity so that the demand for digital products and solutions continues to increase. Seeing this condition, we realize that the market potential that must be worked on is getting bigger, starting from Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas, and many more. Where many global companies are also starting to be aggressive in looking for local partners who already have a wide market reach. Realizing this, certainly, it is our role as a digital transformation enabler in Indonesia to provide digital solutions and products for various companies and the public sector. This is also in line with our new vision to become the leading digital economy hub and enabler.” 

MTDL’s performance growth in 2021 cannot be separated from its two business units, namely Digital Distribution and Digital Solutions & Consulting. Throughout 2021, the Digital Distribution business unit was driven by sales of smartphones, notebooks, and gaming products, as well as their components. On the other hand, the Digital Distribution business unit is also supported by MTDL’s omnichannel, which provides convenience for the dealers by facilitating dealers so that they can do the selling activities more easily, both online and offline through multiple channels.

Randy Kartadinata as Director of MTDL, explained, “We are grateful to be able to achieve a good performance in 2021 thanks to the performance of each MTDL business unit. In 2021, apart from achieving good revenue, MTDL also managed to book a net profit of IDR508.9 billion which increased 39% YoY. Each contribution, namely the Digital Distribution business unit, achieved a net profit of IDR505.9 billion, an increase of 41% YoY. On the other hand, the Digital Solutions & Consulting business unit posted a net profit of IDR255.9 billion, an increase of 36% YoY. In the future, we are optimistic that we can achieve even better performance.”

MTDL is optimistic that the market potential will be even greater. MTDL will continue to equip its digital products and solutions by providing excellent service to its customers and continue to add to its various global partnerships. (LM)

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