Mayora Indah to branch out to Russia

21 September 2022 10:49

JAKARTA. PT Mayora Indah Tbk (MYOR) forms sale partnerships with six affiliated companies abroad in order to boost its market share.

Yuni Gunawan, Corporate Secretary of Mayora Indah, claimed that her company must take this step as a way to improve its market share and solidify its trademarked products. “Thus, the company will join forces with affiliated companies,” she announced yesterday (20/9) in the information disclosure

Gunawan also reaffirmed that these affiliated companies indeed share the same investors with MYOR’s primary shareholders and president commissioner.

These six affiliates in question are listed below:

  1. Inbisco Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore, the parent company of Star Premium Trading & Marketing Srv. LLC, Russia and Mayora Middle East DWC LLC, UAE.
  2. Star Premium Trading & Marketing Srv. LLC, Russia, as the distributor of MYOR’s products in Russia.
  3. Mayora Middle East DWC LLC, UAE, as the marketing service provider in the Middle-East.
  4. Mayora Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore, as the parent company of Inbisco Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore.
  5. Danish Speciality Foods CPH DK ApS, Denmark, as the owner of Danisa Butter Cookies.
  6. Danish Speciality Foods AAL DK A/S, Denmark, as the manufacturer of Danisa Butter Cookies. (AM/ZH)
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