BLBI bad debt expenses reach IDR 82.6 trillion

30 September 2022 13:14

JAKARTA – The state’s loss over bad debts in the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (lit. Bantuan Likuiditas Bank Indonesia/BLBI) has reached IDR 82.6 trillion. Until now, the collectible loss only clocks up to IDR 27.8 trillion or 25% of the total IDR 110.4 trillion.

Heri Gunawan, a member of Commission XI of House of Representatives (DPR), mentioned that the nation’s loss over BLBI shall be collected in its entirety prior to the end of the duty of Task Force of BLBI on December 23, 2023. “The uncollected loss is still at 75%, and we only have 15 months left,” he stated, as quoted from dpr.go.id earlier today (30/9).

According to Gunawan, the progress of this case is lagging. Therefore, the BLBI Task Force should be firm in action and not hesitant in bringing the offenders before the court.

It is worth mentioning that assets of ex-BLBI include credit assets of IDR 101.8 trillion, property assets of IDR 8.06 trillion, investment assets of IDR 8.47 billion, security assets of IDR 489.4 billion, stock assets of IDR 77.9 billion, and nostro account assets of IDR 5.2 billion. Meanwhile, the collected assets of BLBI include cash of IDR 885 billion, and the remaining portion is non-cash in the form of property and collaterals.

The BLBI Task Force has summoned 114 obligors out of the 335 obligors, and only 56 of which accepted the invitation. (LK/ZH)

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