Hermina generated Rp 191.02 billion in net profit in 2018

02 April 2019 05:43

JAKARTA - PT Medikaloka Hermina Tbk (HEAL), the operator of Hermina hospital, earned Rp 191.02 billion in net profit in 2018, 3.92% lower than its realization in 2017 (Rp 198.80 billion). This was mainly due to inefficiency in the operating and financial expenses.

Based on the company's financial statements, in 2018, Hermina generated Rp 3.05 trillion in revenue, 14.18% higher than its revenue in 2017 (Rp 2.67 trillion). The company's cost of revenue was recorded at Rp 1.70 trillion, rose from Rp 1.50 trillion recorded in 2017. The company's gross profit was recorded at Rp 1.35 trillion, rose from Rp 1.16 trillion recorded in 2017.

Hermina's operating income was not too different from last year (Rp 385.95 billion in 2018 from Rp 385.56 billion in 2017), mainly due to the operating expenses which increased to Rp 1 trillion from Rp 791.19 billion recorded in 2017.

In 2018, the company owned 3,378 beds in 32 hospitals in Indonesia, with a bed occupancy rate (BOR) of 65.8%. (LK/AR)

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