MNC Vision Networks is officially listed on IDX

08 July 2019 15:11

JAKARTA - PT MNC Vision Networks Tbk (IPTV) is officially listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange today (8/7). In this IPO, the company releases 10% of the total issued and fully paid up capital equivalent to 3.52 billion shares.

The price of the company's IPO is set at Rp 240 per share. Thus, on this day the company managed to raise funds amounting to Rp 845.28 billion.

The plan, 70% of the IPO funds will be used to develop fiber optic networks. For information, the company currently has 1.5 million home connections with 262,000 customers.

The remaining 30% of iPO funds will be used to strengthen the MNC Now digital platform which will be a source of income through the advertising business. (LM)

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