Bappenas estimates losses due to Greater Jakarta floods at Rp 5.2 trillion

02 January 2020 11:08

JAKARTA - The National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) estimates that losses due to the Greater Jakarta area floods have reached around Rp 5.2 trillion. The number consists of damage and loss of assets owned by private enterprises and the public worth Rp 4.5 trillion and assets owned by the government and SOEs/ROEs worth Rp 650 billion.

Referring to the similar disaster that struck 2007, Bappenas records that there are five assumptions of loss in the great flood: First, damage and loss in the housing sector estimated at Rp 1.13 trillion this year. The number includes lost, heavily damaged, and slightly damaged residential properties, including damaged household furniture and equipment.

Second, damage and loss in the infrastructure sector estimated at Rp 854 billion. The number consists of Rp 328 billion in physical damage as well as losses suffered by the government and SOEs/ROEs due to loss of revenue at Rp 525.8 billion.

Third, damage and loss in the productive economy sector estimated at Rp 2.9 trillion. According to Bappenas, several industrial sectors, markets, and street vendors are suffering losses due to flooded factories and other economic facilities.

Fourth, damage and loss to social facilities and infrastructure such as education facilities including 200 schools, health facilities including 33 public health centres and three hospitals, and places of worship. Fifth, damage and loss in other sectors such as damage to government buildings, security facilities, and other damage and loss in the financial and banking sectors. (MS)

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