Consumer optimism weakens in April 2020

06 May 2020 10:44

JAKARTA - The Bank Indonesia Consumer Survey in April 2020 indicated consumer optimism on economic conditions, weakening considerably from the previous month. This is reflected in the Consumer Confidence Index (IKK) in April 2020 at 84.8, down compared with 113.8 in March 2020.

The weakening of consumer optimism is mainly due to decline in consumer perceptions of current economic conditions, with the deepest decline in the current income index and availability of employment.

In terms of expectation, consumers are still relatively optimistic about the forecast of economic conditions in the next 6 months, although not as strong as the previous month's forecast. This optimism is driven by an estimate of rising incomes and business activity that will recover in the next 6 months, in line with the expected easing of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia. (LM)

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