Government to put five series' of sukuk in auction with Rp 10 trillion indicative target

21 October 2020 09:14

JAKARTA. The government plans to auction five series' of State Sukuk with an indicative target of Rp 10 trillion. The proceeds will be used to meet part of the financing target set in the 2020 State Budget.

According to data from the Ministry of Finance's Directorate-General of Financing and Risk Management, the auction will take place on Tuesday, 27 October 2020.

The government will offer five series' consisting of State Treasury Securities SPN-S 14042021 (discount on 14 April 2021), PBS-027 (6.5% interest rate, 15 May 2023), PBS-026 (6.625%, 15 October 2024), PBS-025 (8.375%, 15 May 2033), and PBS-028 (7.75%, 15 October 2046).

The allocation for the non-competitive purchase of SPN-S 14042021 has been set at 50% of the amount won, while the allocation for the non-competitive purchase of the five sukuk series' has been set at 30% of the amount won. (AM/MS)

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