Indo Kordsa facing disruption of raw material supply

26 February 2021 08:09

JAKARTA - PT Indo Kordsa Tbk (BRAM), an automotive component manufacturer, is anticipating a decline in revenue and profit performance, due to the disruption in supply chain of raw materials from producers of Nylon 66 and Adiponitrile in the United States (US). This was conveyed by Reyvia Putri, Corporate Secretary of BRAM, in an information disclosure quoted on Friday (26/2).

She explained that two producers of Nylon 66 and Adiponitrile, in the US, had stated that they had been facing force majeure until an uncertain period due to winter. "This condition will trigger global supply chain problems which also affect companies," added Putri.

According to her, BRAM’s management will evaluate the financial condition related to this disruption. "All measures have been taken so that the customers do not fall into a difficult situation at this time, including conveying information so that customers can take preventive measures," said Putri. (LK/VA)

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