Indah Prakasa plans to add 20 logistic units

10 May 2021 12:08

JAKARTA – PT Indah Prakasa Sentosa Tbk (INPS), a trading and logistic company, intends to add 20 units of vehicles to strengthen the logistics of its subsidiary. Andreanus Tatang, the Director of Indah Prakasa, announced this initiative in public expose, quoted Monday (10/5).

It was stated that the company had prepared the maximum amount of capital expenditure of approximately IDR 40 billion for this plan. “The company seeks to add vehicles of 18 to 20 units for one of our subsidiaries,” Tatang continued.

The subsidiaries of INPS in logistics, trading, and transportation include PT Transindo Sentosa (TS), PT Elpindo Reksa (ER), PT Barisan Nusantara Sentosa (BNS), PT Ekatama Raya (ER), and PT Jono Gas Pejagalan (JGP). INPS owns 99% stakes in each subsidiary.

In 2020, INSP collected IDR 255.66 billion revenues, with the main contributor being the logistic transportation sector, bringing IDR 109.67 billion. Then, it was followed by the gas station, contributing IDR 60 billion; fuel agents IDR 48.13 billion; and gas agents IDR 23.85 billion. (LK/ZH)

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