Tigaraksa gears up with IDR 25.2 billion CapEx for improvement strategy

11 May 2021 05:43

JAKARTA. PT Tigaraksa Satria Tbk (TGKA) is preparing several strategies to boost the performance and attain growth as targeted in 2021.

The strategies involve the principal acquisition, expansion to cold-chain and e-commerce businesses, product diversification within the direct-selling line, the extension of network coverage and processing depth in general trade, improvement in service level, and more effective promotional activities.

Syahrizal Sabir, the Corporate Secretary of TGKA, confirmed that by the end of Q1 2021, the company had reached an initial agreement of distribution using three new principals within the daily necessities products category (food and beverages). However, the details regarding the said principals could not yet be revealed as the agreement is still in the finalisation process.

To help implement those strategies, TGKA has arranged the capital expenditure of IDR 25.2 billion, increasing from IDR 19.04 billion in 2020. This CapEx would be used to purchase factory equipment and office necessities, such as software and hardware. (AM/ZH)

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