IPCC makes sure cargo services in ports still running

09 July 2021 08:29

JAKARTA – PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC) ensures that the cargo logistics and ports services operating smoothly, thus supporting the fulfilment of people’s needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sofyan Gumeral, Corporate Secretary of PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal Tbk (IPCC), relays the news in the information disclosure, quoted Friday (9/7).

“The stevedoring activities for vehicles are performed in alternating shifts, using the standard personal protection equipment and additional protection to prevent COVID-19 spread,” Gumelar claims.

The total vehicle cargo in June 2021 is higher than in May 2021. For example, the total completely built-up (CBU) vehicle cargo in the international field reaches 29,456 units, increasing 25.22% from May 2021. Heavy equipment cargo reaches 1,203 units, increasing 13.92%. Lastly, general cargo covers 9,028 m3, also rising 27.37%. In the domestic section, CBU vehicles are 15,489 units, soaring 61.34%; heavy equipment 2,468 units, jumping as high as 120,78%; and general cargo surges even further, 247.30% to 1,178 m2.

According to Gumelar, IPCC does not stop or limit the operation during the COVID-19 pandemic as it runs within the port and logistic services, one of the exempted sectors during the large-scale social distancing (PSBB). (LK/ZH)

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