Bundamedik and AdMedika expand reach of the community to robotic surgery services

18 March 2022 12:12

JAKARTA - The innovation of robotic surgery presented by PT Bundamedik Tbk (BMHS) has advantages and great benefits for patients, ranging from precise, fast medical procedures to fast healing processes. Now, the convenience offered by this technology is increasingly being accessed so that the Indonesian people can enjoy it through insurance. RSU Bunda Jakarta as part of BMHS has opened cooperation with various insurance companies and the like to support patient financing schemes.

One of the collaborations carried out is with AdMedika as a reliable Third Party Administrator (TPA) with various conveniences and advantages offered. Through this collaboration, the two companies want to prepare for improving the health financing system in the future.

Head of AdMedika Medical Advisor Board Medical Consultant Prof. I. O. Marsis SpOG (K) explained, “The existence of medical tourism in the future will change the paradigm of the health insurance system. One of the things we can sell to promote Indonesian medical tourism is through the presence of robotic surgery at Bunda Hospital. I hope that this high technology system can open the eyes of all of us to create a better future insurance system.”

It is known, robotic surgery technology allows repetitive actions in an operation to be carried out with maximum accuracy, thereby minimizing bleeding and postoperative pain. Through this robotic surgery, surgeons can complete various complex procedures that seems difficult if not impossible to do with other methods.

As a pioneer of robotic surgery in Indonesia since 2012, robotic surgery from BMHS has so far handled nearly 600 cases ranging from obstetrics and gynecology cases to urology cases for robotic prostate removal surgery. Robotic Surgery service itself is one of the Centers of Excellences (CoE) at RSU Bunda Jakarta, with 16 specialist doctors certified in robotic surgery. (LM)


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