Bank Oke distributed credits of IDR 5.34 trillion throughout 2021

25 March 2022 14:01

JAKARTA – The credit distribution of PT Bank Oke Indonesia Tbk (DNAR) increased IDR 1.1 trillion, from IDR 4.26 trillion in 2020 to IDR 5.34 trillion in 2021. Park Young Man, President Director of Bank Oke Indonesia, revealed the achievement in the Financial Report 2021 published on Friday (25/3).

It was mentioned that IDR 5.34 trillion of the credit was distributed to third parties, while related parties received IDR 178.16 billion. The credit distribution was mostly dominated by working capital credit of IDR 3.64 trillion, followed by the investment credit of IDR 1.56 trillion, consumption credit of IDR 304.36 billion, and employee credit of IDR 137.66 million.

Based on its collectability, in 2021, the non-performing credit in the collective segment reached IDR 38.84 billion, whereas the non-performing credit in the individual segment clocked up to IDR 82.41 billion. In comparison, in 2020, the non-performing loans in the collective and individual segment amounted to IDR 33.64 billion and IDR 63.58 billion, respectively. In addition, DNAR also reported restructured credits of IDR 1.52 trllion in 2021, shifting lower from IDR 1.59 trillion recorded in 2020.

On the other hand, the third-party funds reached IDR 3.96 trillion, IDR 800 billion higher than IDR 3.16 trillion in 2020. The third-party fund is still dominated by time deposit of IDR 3.21 trillion, followed by saving accounts of IDR 521.60 billion and current accounts of IDR 226.59 billion. (LK/ZH)

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