Metrodata Electronics pairs up with cacaFly for a joint venture in Indonesia

10 June 2022 09:52

JAKARTA. PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk (MTDL) announces its latest collaboration with cacaFly to establish a joint venture called PT cacaFly Metrodata Indonesia (CMI), a data-based marketing solution and service provider.

CMI’s shares will be dominated by cacaFly with 51% ownership, leaving the remaining 49% to MTDL.

Susanto Djaja, President Director of MTDL and President Commissioner of CMI, mentioned that this joint venture formation acts as a response to the increased user acquisition cost. According to Djaja, this higher cost resulted from the cookie technology that is about to be eliminated gradually.

“The combination between the cacaFly’s record of success in applying data science to the digital marketing industry and our experience and professionalism in the domestic market will lead CMI to be an agency with the most beneficial position in Indonesia in the upcoming post-cookie era,” Djaja explained in an official release.

After this establishment in Indonesia, CMI will become the agency partner of Gojek Ads Network (GoGAN) and form a partnership with TikTok Indonesia.

For the contect, cacaFly is a digital marketing agency based in Taiwan. This agency has expanded its service to several Southeast Asia countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan. (KR/ZH)

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