SHAREit optimistic to continue growth this year

23 June 2022 17:44

JAKARTA - The global technology company, SHAREit Group, announced significant business growth in Fiscal Year 2021/2022. This growth is demonstrated by the growth of SHAREit Group's applications, including its main digital streaming and content sharing application, SHAREit. As a next-generation technology company, SHAREit Group is optimistic that it will continue to strengthen its commitment to providing access to digital content and helping businesses grow.

Partner and Global Vice-President of SHAREit Group, Karam Malhotra, said, "This growth shows that the trend of applications will continue to grow and become the choice of brands to reach their target audience. We believe that all digital content should be equally accessible to everyone, so that our users can share their content quickly and according to the target audience.”

SHAREit Group recorded business growth of 220% in Fiscal Year 2021/2022. Not only that, the revenue of the advertising platform SHAREit also tripled by 2022, as well as the total number of global subscribers which increased by almost 30% year on year (yoy).

Meanwhile, in terms of application growth, the SHAREit Group application has been installed by around 2.4 billion users with a business network that reaches up to 150 countries and regions in 45 different languages. SHAREit has also established offices and developed teams in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Israel and others with more than 1,000 employees worldwide. (LM)

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