Thinking about a new investment instrument this year? Here is what to know about the dividend distribution plan of the companies that entered IDX in the first half of 2020. Overall, 28 companies went public over the first half of 2020. Six of them offer the highest percentage of payout ratio at 50%, while one company offers the lowest at 10%. Most companies, eleven out of twenty-eight, offer a 20% payout ratio.

Among those companies which offer a 50% payout ratio, three show a positive net income trend compared to the previous year: PT Putra Rajawali Kencana/PURA (313.62%), Bank Amar Indonesia/AMAR (277.07%), and Ashmore Asset/AMOR (29.41%). Interestingly, the last two companies offer a 50% payout ratio as a minimum point, while PURA has 50% as the maximum point.

On the other hand, even though they also offer a 50% payout ratio, PT Sejahtera Bintang Abadi Textile (SBAT) shows a sharp decrease of net income at -44876.84%, followed by PT Pratama Widya (PTPW) at -34.08% compared to the previous year. Another company that offers a 50% payout ratio is Cashlez Worldwide (CASH), which shows a positive trend, but is actually experiencing a net loss this year.

PT Saraswati Anugrah Makmur Tbk (SAMF) is the only company that offers a 40% payout ratio in the first half of 2020. This company who engages in the fertilizer industry shows a very little increase at 0.72% in their net income this year. Moreover, six companies offer a 30% payout ratio, but only two companies show a positive trend in their net income. Royalindo’s (INDO) net income rose sharply at 54371.65% compared to the previous year, while PT Diamond Food Indonesia slightly increased at 15.44%.

Three companies that offer a 25% payout ratio, unfortunately, show a decreasing trend in their net income. PT Perintis Triniti Property (TRIN) experienced the biggest loss at -71.73%, followed by PT Lancartama Sejati (TAMA) at -56.87. Cipta Selera Murni (CSMI), a company in the culinary industry, shows the lowest net loss percentage at -5.82%. 

Out of eleven companies that offer a 20% payout ratio, five of them show positive trends of net income. The biggest net income percentage increase is shown by Aesler Group International (RONY), an architectural service company,  at 3839.95%, followed by Bumi Benowo Sukses Sejahtera (BBSS) at 838.11%, Tourindo Guide Indonesia (PGJO) at 214.74%, Cahaya Bintang Medan (CBMF) at 185.51%, and Era Mandiri Cemerlang (IKAN) at the lowest percentage of 87.86%.

The lowest payout ratio offered this first half of 2020 is a minimum of 10% by Cisadane Sawit Raya (CSRA). This agriculture company, however, shows a positive trend in their net income percentage, increasing slightly at 1.18%. (KD)