Monday, March 27, 2017


Graha Mitra Building, 2nd floor
Pejaten Barat street No.6,
Jakarta 12510


14:00 (GMT+7)


  1. Approval of the changes in the Management composition agreement to pledge of more than 50% of the company assets to obtain an extension/amendment and/or increase loans and/or extending the credit facilities to banks and/or financial and non-financial institutions.
  2. Approval to provide loans or additional loans to subsidiaries and/or other private companies and/or individuals either extension, change or renewal.
  3. Delegation of authority to Board of Directors to take all necessary actions related to the pledge of the Company's assets for more than 50%.
ALTO - PT. Tri Banyan Tirta Tbk

Rp 350

+16 (+4,82%)