Monday, April 30, 2018


Gran Mercure Maha Cipta Medan Angkasa
Sutomo street No.1 Medan
North Sumatra 20235


10:00 (GMT+7)



  1. Approval and ratification of the Company's Annual Report for the financial year 2017, including the Company's Activity Report, Board of Commissioners Oversight Report, and Financial Report 2017, and to release and full discharge of all responsibilities to all Board members for the management and supervision carry out in the financial year 2017.
  2. Determination on the use of the Company's Net Profit of the fiscal year 2017.
  3. Accountability report of the proceeds usage from the public offering.
  4. Election of a Public Accountant to audit the Company's Financial Report in the financial year 2018, and delegation of authority to determine the honorarium of the Public Accountant and other requirements.
  5. Changes in the Board of Directors composition.
  6. Determination of the remuneration of Board members.


  1. Approval of the plan to conduct Stock Split and amendment to Article 4 of the Company's Articles of Association relating to the the stock split.
  2. Approval to pledge of the Company's assets with a total of more than 1/2 part of the Company's net assets to obtain loan facilities from banks and/or other financial institutions.
MARK - PT. Mark Dynamics Indonesia Tbk

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