Tuesday, April 21, 2020


PT Emdeki Utama Tbk
Krikilan street No. 294, Krikilan Village
Diyorejo District, Gresik Regency 61177


09:30 (GMT+7)


  1. Approval of the Company Annual Report of the financial year 2018, including the Company Activity Report, Board of Commissioners oversight report, and Ratification of the Company Financial Statements of the financial year 2019.
  2. Determination on the use of the Company profit of the financial year 2019, and the plan of dividend distribution.
  3. Determination of Tantiem 2019, Salary and Honorarium, and other benefits/facilities for Board Members in 2020.
  4. Proceeds usage report from the Initial Public Offering (Article 6 paragraph 1 POJK No. 30 2015).
  5. Change to the completion schedule of Carbide Desulphuriser Phase II and Ferro Silica projects
  6. Delegation of authority to Board of Commissioners to Election of a Public Accountant Firm to audit the Company Financial Report of the financial year 2020, and determine the honorarium of the public accountant and the other requirements.
  7. Change of the Independent Director position to Director.


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MDKI - PT. Emdeki Utama Tbk

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