MTEL - PT. Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk (MTEL), widely known as Mitratel, recorded revenue surge of up to 12.5% year-on-year (yoy) from IDR 6.87 trillion to IDR 7.73 trillion in 2022.

Mitratel’s revenue was dominated by the contribution of cellular data provider, which covered 89% of the total revenue. Telkomsel made up 57% of the 2022 revenue, followed by Indosat Ooredoo Hutchinson of 19%, XL Axiata of 10%, Telkom 9%, and others of 5%. This double-digit growth then drove the net profit to soar up to 29.25% yoy from IDR 1.38 trillion to IDR 1.78 trillion in 2022.

According to the Public Expose of Mitratel 2023 today (14/4), the shareholders then agreed to allocate up to 70% of the net profit as cash dividend, which is equal to IDR 1.24 trillion ot IDR 15.11 per share. Not only that, MTEL will also distribute special dividend of IDR 517.66 billion or IDR 6 per share. Thus, MTEL’s total dividend clock up to IDR 1.77 trillion, almost 99% of its 2022 net profit.

As a company with the most extensive number of telecommunication tower in Southeast Asia, Mitratel prepared capital expenditure of IDR 7 trillion to smooth out its future development and expansion. “The company has arranged a strategy to develop its tower ecosystem by maintaining organic business growth, expanding the tower ecosystem service, and seizing inorganic opportunities,” Theodorus Ardi Hartoko, President Director of Mitratel, mentioned, as quoted in the press release today (14/4). (ZH)