TPIA - PT. Chandra Asri Pacific Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Chandra Asri Pacific Tbk (TPIA) has successfully issued Shelf-Registration Bond IV 2024 worth IDR 1.5 trillion. This bond is claimed to be oversubscribed from retail investors, banks, and institutions alike throughout the offering two weeks ago (27/2).

In the press release quoted Wednesday (13/2), Andre Khor, Chief Financial Officer of Asri Group, confirmed that the company has concluded the advanced stage of Rupiah (IDR) bond program with solid support from investors and underwriters.

“This bond program offers credible options for investors that are looking in to boost their yield, balancing it with a holistic approach to maintain environment, social, and governance standards,” Khor said.

Shelf-Registration Bond IV 2024 is offered in three series: series A worth IDR 542.38 billion with an interest rate of 7.95%, series B with 5-year tenor worth IDR 416.80 billion and an interest rate of 8.25%, and series C worth IDR 540.82 billion with an interest rate of 8.75% and a tenor of 7 years.

TPIA had offered its Shelf-Registration Bond Phase I Year 2022 worth IDR 2 trillion, Bond Phase II Year 2023 worth IDR 1.25 trillion, and Bond Phase III Year 2023 worth IDR 1.5 trillion. The proceeds raised through Bond Phase IV will be utilised to enhance working capital of Chandra Asri Group.

The underwriters, along with their portions, consist of PT BCA Sekuritas (45.59%), PT BNI Sekuritas (13.67%), PT DBS Vickers Sekuritas Indonesia (11.71%), PT KB Valbury Sekuritas (7.20%), PT RHB Sekuritas Indonesia (10.43%), PT Sucor Sekuritas (9.73%), and PT UOB Kay Hian Sekuritas (1.67%). (LK/ZH)