JAKARTA. Luno is exploring cooperation with an Indonesian brokerage company, to develop the crypto asset business.

David Low, Luno's General Manager for the Southeast Asia region, was reluctant to name the company, because his party had not yet reached a business agreement. "We cannot mention the name yet," Low said when met by idnfinancials.com on Thursday (11/7) today.

Low said that the broker was not from a bank. However, the broker is considered to have experience in the field of asset management. "Not a banking broker, but an experienced securities company," Low explained.

Low said his party was also open to working with securities companies in Indonesia, to maximize the crypto asset investment business in Luno. "If there are stockbrokers who are interested, we are open," Low said.

For information, there are currently 124 securities companies registered in the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as of the end of December 2018. 6 of them have investment manager licenses, 124 have broker dealer licenses, and 91 companies have securities guarantor intermediary license. (KR)