JPFA - PT. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk (JPFA) today through its subsidiary, PT Indojaya Agrinusa penetrated the Aceh market by inaugurating 1 unit of Hatchery and Teaching Farm. This is one of JAPFA's efforts to develop and bring business closer to its customers in Aceh.

The Japfa Hatchery covering an area of ​​6.2 hectares in the village of Seulimeum, Aceh Besar is intended to meet the needs of the increasing domestic market in the Aceh region and its surroundings.

"Hopefully, Japfa can maintain its commitment in operational units to continue to use workers from Aceh Besar district. If this can be maintained, God willing, this investment can run well, partner with the government and the community, so that the large Aceh district can grow again," said the Regent of Aceh Besar, Ir. H. Mawardi Ali,

Besides Hatchery, on the same day, Japfa also inaugurated the Teaching Farm in collaboration with Syiah Kuala University (UNSYIAH). The research facility, built in Ie Su'um Village, Masjid Raya sub-district, Aceh Besar Regency, will begin supplying chick-in in October.

The facilities built by Japfa consist of 3 units of farm, namely: Commercial Farm Closed House with a capacity of 10,000 chicken, Commercial Farm Open House with a capacity of 5,500 chicken, and Commercial Farm Open House Postal with a capacity of 4,500 chicken. Each farm has a size of 8x70m and is equipped with livestock supporting facilities such as feed, drinking places, fans, blowers, and chicken warmers (Gasolek). (LM)