JAKARTA. Indonesia is pursuing its target to record a new and renewable energy mix of 23% by 2025. This effort requires an investment of US$ 36.95 billion.

Agung Pribadi, Head of the Communication Bureau of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM), said the investment was needed, among others, to build a number of new and renewable energy-based power plants. "The investment can help increase the energy market share in 2025," Pribadi said through an official statement.

To achieve the 23% energy mix target, the Indonesian government plans to build a Geothermal Power Plant (US$ 17.45 billion), a Hydro Power Plant (US$ 14.58 billion), a Solar Power  Plant and a Wind Power Plant (US$ 1.69 billion), a Garbage Power Plant (US$ 1.6 billion), a Bioenergy Power Plant (US$ 1.37 billion), and Hybrid Power Plant (US$ 0.26 billion).

Thus, the total installed capacity of power plants based on new and renewable energy is estimated to reach 11,256 megawatts (MW) in 2020. Furthermore, it will be increased to 12,887 in 2021, 14,064 MW in 2022, 15,184 MW and 17,421 MW in 2024. (KR/AR)