MFMI - PT. Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk

Rp 670

-15 (-2,27%)

JAKARTA - PT Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk (MFMI) will distribute an interim dividend of Rp 100 billion to the holders of 757,581,000 of its shares. The plan was decided at the company's Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) which took place yesterday.

As quoted from the company's disclosure, the funds for the interim dividend came from the sale of six of the company's warehouses to PT Mega Anugerah Cemerlang (MAC) for Rp 226.30 billion. The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders also decided that the shareholders should return the interim dividend if the company suffer a loss before 31 December 2019. 

The value of the dividend is set at Rp 132 per share to all shareholders registered by 2 January 2020. Ex-dividends shares will be available until 27 (regular market and negotiations market) and 2 January 2020 (cash market). The interim dividend will be paid on 15 January 2020. (LK/AR)