JAKARTA - PT Esta Kapital Fintek (Esta Kapital) has officially obtained a business license from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as an Information Technology Lending and Borrowing Service Provider (LPMUBTI) through a decision letter with KEP-129 / D.05 / 2019 applicable permanently, without time limit.

"After going through a series of processes and quite long stages, finally Esta Kapital managed to obtain a business license from the OJK. Surely this permit will be very important for Fintech Lending Service Providers like us, especially in the midst of negative public views of fintech due to the rise of fintech organizers operating not in accordance with regulations," said Esta Kapital President Director, Yefta Surya Gunawan.

Since it began operating until it obtained business license on December 13, 2019, Esta Kapital has helped channel productive loans to 21,174 women micro entrepreneurs in the Greater Jakarta and Eastern Indonesia. (LM)