SIMP - PT. Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk

Rp 418

-14 (-3,35%)

JAKARTA. In 2019, PT Salim Ivomas Pratama Tbk. (SIMP) recorded a net loss of Rp 546.14 billion in 2019, 613.34% higher than the figure recorded in  2018. It was mainly caused by a surge in a number of expenses.

Despite the fact that the company's revenue only decreased 2.84%, the company's general & administrative expenses and operating expenses rose by 8.27% and 234% respectively, which affected the company's performance significantly. The company's total revenue in 2019 was recorded at Rp 13.65 trillion, while general & administrative expenses were recorded at Rp 916.29 and operating expenses were recorded at Rp 294.30 billion.

As a result, SIMP recorded a net loss of Rp 546.14 billion, while the net loss in 2018 was only Rp 76.56 billion. The net loss per share attributed to the parent rose from Rp 5 to Rp 35.(AM/AR)