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JAKARTA - PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk (TOPS) will work on the Sky House Alam Sutera project in March this year after signing a contract worth Rp 192.5 billion. The first apartment tower of the project is built on an area of ​​2.5 hectares (Ha) and consists of 38 floors.

As quoted from the company's disclosure published on Monday (2/3), Solomon Sihombing, Director of PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk (TOPS) said the project would be worked on for two years. "Totalindo is proving that it can show good performance, even though it is still far from perfect. The Sky House project is a good start for the company," he said.

According to him, in the midst of declining trends in the construction business in Indonesia, Totalindo still obtains several new contracts. "This shows that the company is still able to compete and provide the best performance," he said. (LK/AR)