RISE - PT. Jaya Sukses Makmur Sentosa Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Jaya Sukses Makmur Sentosa Tbk (RISE) acquired a 45% stake in PT Prambanan Bizland Indonesia, manager of a warehousing area in Gresik, East Java. The transaction agreement was carried out on Monday (9/3).

As quoted from the company's disclosure, Go Herliani Prayogo, Corporate Secretary of PT Jaya Sukses Makmur Sentosa Tbk (RISE) said the company took over the shares owned by Hanjaya Adikarjo. "The transaction will have a positive impact on the company in the future," he said.

As of 30 September 2019, RISE's cash and cash equivalents were recorded at Rp 183.79 billion, while its total equity was recorded at Rp 1.86 trillion. (LK/AR)