MFMI - PT. Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk

Rp 670

-15 (-2,27%)

JAKARTA - PT Multifiling Mitra Indonesia Tbk (MFMI) recorded Rp 133.44 billion in profit in 2019, 403.38% higher than its record in 2018 (Rp 26.51 billion).

As quoted from the company's financial statements published on Tuesday (17/3), the company's revenue rose by 15.07% from Rp 121.78 billion in 2018 to Rp 140.12 billion. The biggest contributor to the company's revenue came from archival services (Rp 96.49 billion) followed by revenue from storage services (Rp 12.13 billion), data management services (Rp 9.09 billion), and other services (Rp 15.61 billion).

MFMI also recorded a 54.11% growth in its total asset value from Rp 273.77 billion to Rp 421.90 billion. (LK/AR)