BACA - PT. Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk

Rp 765

+25 (+3,27%)

JAKARTA - PT Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk (BACA) booked net profit Rp 32.02 billion, 139.66% higher than its net profit in Q1 2019 of Rp 13.36 billion.

According to its financial report published on Tuesday (5/5), Bank Capital recorded net interest income of Rp 91.65 billion in Q1 2020, 35.72% higher than its record in Q1 2019 of Rp 67.53 billion.

In addition, the bank obtained operating profit of Rp 43.03 billion and pre-tax profit of Rp 41.05 billion.

However, the bank's cash and cash equivalents corrected from Rp 5.876 trillion in Q1 2019 to Rp 3.812 trillion. (ARM/AR)