CAMP - PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry Tbk

Rp 268

+6 (+2,00%)

JAKARTA. PT Campina Ice Cream Industry Tbk (CAMP) managed to record 23.91% net profit growth (YoY) to Rp 76.76 billion. The growth was in line with 7.16% sales growth recorded by the company.

The company's 2019 financial report revealed that CAMP's sales reached Rp 1.03 trillion in 2019. However, the company's cost of goods sold also rose by 12.06% to Rp 426.42 billion, which caused the company's gross profit to only grew slightly by 3.77% to Rp 602.54 billion.

The company also managed to record operating profit growth to Rp.511.63 billion from Rp 493.83 billion recorded in 2018.

Finally, CAMP booked net profit of Rp 76.76 billion, 23.91% higher than its record in 2018 of Rp 61.95 billion. (AM/AR)