UCID - PT. Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk

Rp 1.130

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JAKARTA - PT Uni Charm Indonesia Tbk (UCID) has used Rp 368.83 billion of its IPO proceeds, which reached Rp 1.15 trillion. 

In the company's disclosure published on Wednesday (15/7), Junichiro Onishi, Director of PT Uni Charm Indonesia Tbk (UCID) stated that the funds were used to pay debts (Rp 271.17 billion), capital expenditure (Rp 27.09 billion), and working capital (Rp 70.56 billion).

At present, the remaining IPO proceeds were placed in CIMB Niaga (Rp 735.01 billion) and Maybank (Rp 50 billion). (LK/AR)