MCAS - PT. M Cash Integrasi Tbk

Rp 1.835

+140 (+7,63%)

JAKARTA - PT Transportasi Jakarta (Transjakarta) in collaboration with PT Multidaya Dinamika (MDD), a subsidiary of PT Distribution Voucher Nusantara Tbk (DIVA), together with PT Digital Mediatama Maxima Tbk (DMMX), a member of PT M Cash Integrasi Tbk (MCAS), will launch the KasirKu digital kiosk.

For information, KiosKu is a standalone interactive transaction platform for buying and top-up e-money / card top-up services. 

Asep Triono, MDD Director, said, "We are very happy to be able to work with Transjakarta and DMMX to simplify the travel process for Transjakarta passengers. This collaboration also confirms our commitment to support the government's National Non-Cash Movement (GNNT). In addition, this digital initiative will provide facilities for regular commuters to minimize contact between humans and carry out recommended social distancing.”

One of MDD's targets is to install digital kiosks at 236 Transjakarta bus stop points next month. This collaboration has a market potential with more than 1 million Transjakarta passengers every day. (LM)