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JAKARTA - PT Perdana Bangun Pusaka Tbk (KONI) has begun to consider digital printing products from China to meet consumer demand in Indonesia. The company is considering those products because they are cheaper than Japanese one.

Rudi Lauw, Director of PT Perdana Bangun Pusaka Tbk (KONI), said that the company has begun to focus on digital printing business because it has better business prospects in the future. "For example, UV printers, sticker material for eco solvent printers," he said in the company's public expose on Friday (28/8).

According to him, the reason the company is considering digital printing products is because the company assumes that there will be more owners of solvent printers and eco solvent printers in the future.

Other products that KONI imported from China were inkjet paper for the lower middle market and flexi banners. (LK/AR)