JAKARTA - The Indonesian Deposit Insurance Corp (IDIC) must anticipate pressure on the financial sector during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, said Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

This was conveyed by Ms Indrawati at the inauguration of the new IDIC Board of Commissioners which include Purbaya Yudhi Sadewa as Chief Commissioner, Luky Alfirman, Destry Damayanti, and Didik Madiyono on Thursday (24/9).

"With information technology, we can obtain information and data from other countries without losing our perspective and ability to see in detail the condition of our economy and financial system, particularly the banking sector," said Ms Indrawati.

IDIC, said the former World Bank Managing Director, must be able to issue appropriate policy and responses in dealing with pressure on the financial system.

"I ask that you exercise your duty and mission to maintain the stability of the financial system and the banking sector. I also ask that you use your ability to not only look for the day and past, but also forward so that you can get ahead of any potential issue," Ms Indrawati concluded. (MS)