JAKARTA - PT Bank Syariah Mandiri (Mandiri Syariah) has managed to maintain a positive performance even though the Covid-19 pandemic has not subsided. This achievement can be seen from the growth of a number of Mandiri Syariah main business indicators such as distribution of financing, third party funds (DPK), and profit after tax until the end of August 2020.

Mandiri Syariah President Director Toni EB Subari said that until the end of August 2020, the company's net profit had grown by 26.58 percent annually (year on year) to Rp 957 billion (unaudited). In addition, Mandiri Syariah also succeeded in increasing financing by 6.18 percent yoy to Rp76.66 trillion in the same period. Where the retail segment financing grew 12.52% to Rp48.55 trillion in line with the established focus strategy.

The increase in Mandiri Syariah net profit and financing was supported by the growth of third party funds (DPK) which reached 13.17 percent yoy to Rp 99.12 trillion as of August. Meanwhile, the company's non-performing finance (NPF) ratio was successfully reduced by 0.27 percent yoy to 2.51 percent in the same period.

"As of August 31, 2020, the restructuring of financing carried out by Mandiri Syariah has included 29 thousand customers with an outstanding of Rp7.1 trillion. We have also succeeded in making efficiency and it can be seen from the increase in the ratio of cheap funds or CASA Mandiri Syariah per August to reach 59 percent of total funding," said Toni in the Sharia Banking Literacy and Inclusion Media Workshop, which was held online, Friday (25/9).

According to Toni, in general, Islamic banking has the potential to grow and develop despite the pressure on the macro economy and financial industry due to the pandemic. This growth opportunity is reflected in the maintained positive performance of the Islamic banking industry, particularly Mandiri Syariah, since the last few years. (LM)