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JAKARTA - PT DCI Indonesia Tbk (DCII), a hosting service company, will use IDR 125.63 billion, or 80%, of the proceeds from the initial public offering (IPO), of IDR 150.17 billion, for capital expenditures. This was included in the short DCII prospectus quoted on Thursday (14/1).

In there, DCII management stated that IDR 67.28 billion would be used to buy 51 units of low voltage panels for the company's fourth electrical data center, and IDR 58.35 billion to buy 6 units of generator sets for electricity phase I. Those purchased items will be operated this year. The rest of the IPO proceeds will be used for company's working capital, including electricity bill, supplies, and salary.

During IPO earlier this month, DCII listed 2,383,745,900 shares, consisting of 2,026,184,000 founding shares and 357,561,900 public shares with a nominal price of IDR 125/share and exercise price of IDR 420/share.

DCII authorised capital of IDR 1 trillion, with issued and paid-up capital of IDR 253.27 billion. The shareholder structure, among others, DCI International Holding Pte Ltd 99.996% and Gunawan Tenggarahardja 0.004%. After the IPO, DCI International Pte Ltd 84.996%, Gunawan Tenggarahardja 0.004%, and public 15%. (LK/VA)